Oyster Grip


The Lowcountry origins of Oyster Grip

Crafted by hands, for hands.

Oysters are eaten all over the world. Here in the Lowcountry, we have a certain way we roast and eat them. We make an event out of it, a gathering of family and friends, with wood fires for roasting and tasty beverages for, well, enjoying.

Traditionally old gloves and towels are used to protect our hands while holding and shucking the hot (and sometimes sharp) oysters. As these gloves and towels are passed around for communal use, they become pretty gross, pretty quickly.

It was at one such oyster roast (with such gloves and towels) a few years back when legendary craftsman and knifemaker Chris Williams had an idea: a tough rubberized mitt that could grip better, protect better, be easier to use, be easier to clean, and not be a nuisance when not in use.

His first prototype was made from a discarded tire innertube, but after much research and development (and lots more oyster roasts) Chris was ready to mass produce the Oyster Grip as the tough, textured silicone mitt.

Today, more and more Lowcountry Oyster roasts are getting rid of the gross gloves and towels and switching to Oyster Grip.