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Well that is just impressive! Shipment of the oyster grips just arrived! :) Super happy customer! Thanks again for your dedicated attention and superb customer service!

– Christina B.

I've waited my whole life for this product! I grew up using recycled tire and am so happy to see someone take it to the next level!! Awesome product, better customer service, even better memories to be made!

– Scott B.

The easiest way to shuck oysters.

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The Original Oyster Mitt

Oyster Grip


Oyster Grip is a textured silicone mitt used to hold oysters for shucking. It’s heat and moisture resistant, making it perfect for holding still-hot oysters. Durable silicone means it can be washed clean with no residual smell or bacteria. Perhaps best of all, Oyster Grip hangs from your wrist whenever you need a free hand to grab that tasty beverage.

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  • Non-slip grip
  • Easy to use
  • Hangs from wrist to free up hands for eating
  • Resists cuts and punctures from oyster and oyster knife
  • Protects hands from hot oysters
  • Frees up a hand to eat or drink frosty beverage


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The Lowcountry origins of Oyster Grip

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